How to Choose One of the Best Wealth Management Firms in 2020

best wealth management firms 2020

There are many benefits to choosing the best wealth management firm for your assets. For many people, investing is a confusing process, and they don’t know where to start. Getting extra help can help you preserve and protect your assets. However, it is important to research the management firm you choose, and to make sure that they are reputable, read reviews, speak to current customers, and trust your instinct. The following are the tips for choosing the best firm for your needs.

Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management

According to Forbes, Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management is ranked as one of the best wealth management firms in 2020. Founded in 1998 through the purchase of NationsBank, the bank is the second largest financial institution in the United States and the eighth largest bank in the world. The bank focuses on high-net-worth individuals, and its wealth management services include portfolio management, access to capital markets, sustainable impact investment, and specialist asset management.

Bank of America Global’s wealth management division is home to Merrill Lynch Private Bank, U.S. Trust, and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management. The division manages $2.6 trillion in assets and employs over 14,000 financial advisors to serve wealthy clients. The bank has offices in over 280 cities around the world, and is among the largest wealth management firms in the United States.

Founded in 1856, UBS is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It offers comprehensive wealth management solutions to a global clientele. During the global financial crisis, UBS was one of the few banks that were not negatively affected. But as the economy recovered, the bank began to scale back its investment business, cutting costs and laying off employees. In 2015, the bank announced it was exiting the U.S. private banking market, announcing that it would be selling its wealth business to Wells Fargo.

The private wealth management industry is experiencing a boom year in 2019-20. According to CEOWORLD magazine, the top 25 global wealth management firms manage $22.2 trillion in client assets. In addition to Morgan Stanley, Bank of America is one of the largest firms, with more than 16,000 wealth managers in almost 600 branches throughout the U.S. and Canada. The investment division of the bank focuses on high-net-worth individuals with at least $250,000 invested in total assets.

The wealth management industry in the US is experiencing a wave of disruption. The global financial crisis and pandemic have affected the industry’s performance. Increasing technological advancements, fast-evolving consumer needs, and an environment of economic stimulus are creating conditions for a major wave of innovation. However, despite these positives, challenges remain. The US wealth management industry is facing several significant crosscurrents that must be overcome in order to remain relevant.

Morgan Stanley

In addition to offering a wide array of investment options, Morgan Stanley’s wealth management division also provides a wide range of investment advisory services. A client profile and an investment questionnaire are required to begin the discovery process, which will involve a review of financial documents, a discussion of the client’s present situation and future needs, and a review of the client’s overall financial situation. These discussions will help the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management team develop a strategy that will achieve the client’s long-term financial goals.

One of the biggest financial services firms in the world, Morgan Stanley boasts more than 1550 financial advisors and $2.7 trillion in client assets. The average size of an account at Morgan Stanley is two and a half times larger than at E-Trade, making it a more hands-on experience for investors. Among the largest wealth management firms, Morgan Stanley’s average account size is $175,000, demonstrating how its services can benefit clients of all types.

Another notable wealth management firm is BNP Paribas Wealth Management, a French international banking group with $424 billion in AUM. With offices in the U.S. and Canada, BNP Paribas is the seventh largest bank in the world. It employs over 50,000 people worldwide. Credit Suisse, meanwhile, is the world’s third-largest wealth management company, with more than $12.5 trillion in AUM. It has been recognized as the Best Bank for Wealth Management in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Morgan Stanley’s wealth and asset management report will include an analysis of the industry. The firm will look at the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, which include the macroeconomic environment, shifting client demand, and the continued evolution of technology. The publication will also discuss Morgan Stanley’s upcoming wealth management report. While it’s not the best asset manager in 2020, it’s still an excellent investment management firm in the U.S.

A major challenge for Morgan Stanley is attracting new self-directed investors and mass affluent investors to invest with the firm. Morgan Stanley also faced scrutiny for failing to safeguard billions of dollars in loans to Archegos Capital Management. In addition, the firm’s exposure to China is of particular concern due to the rising geopolitical tensions. Despite its growth in the U.S. and globally, Morgan Stanley has not been able to avoid these challenges.

UBS Group

The company’s recent earnings report shows that the Americas region helped push the Global Wealth unit to its most profitable year since 2008, and the company’s executives praised the region during the first quarterly earnings call since November. UBS’ Americas-based brokers continued to buck a multi-year trend of negative net new assets, adding $1.4 billion of client assets during the quarter compared to $9 billion a year ago. Overall, the firm reported positive net flows in three of the last four quarters.

Its assets under management were up by 4% in the second quarter, and the bank posted pre-tax profits of $3.5 billion, including exceptional items related to unauthorized trading losses. The company has a large footprint in the Americas, with a majority of its assets held by clients in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. The company’s pre-tax profit in its flagship business grew by 47% as higher lending helped offset the impact of lower interest rates.

Among its services, UBS Wealth Management offers a wide variety of portfolio management services. This includes retail banking, brokerage, retirement plan consulting, and investment advisory. Clients can choose from several investment strategies, including proprietary models and research blends, long-term and short-term investments, and hedging techniques. The company is ranked first in the Euromoney 2020 survey for sustainability and impact investing, and has made significant investments in impact investing.

The UBS Group’s global wealth advisory division offers a variety of investment and advisory services to wealthy individuals and institutions. At the end of 2016, invested assets under management of the UBS Group reached CHF 977 billion, or US$1,737.5 billion. The firm’s wealth unit manages nearly $3.2 trillion in assets, and at last counted half of the world’s billionaires as clients. Furthermore, sixty percent of the firm’s invested assets belonged to individuals with net worths of CHF ten million.

In addition to award-winning programs, UBS Wealth Management also has an impressive track record. It was named Best Wealth Management Firm in North America by Euromoney, and also Top Wealth Manager in the World by ADV Ratings. It also boasts many top-notch financial advisors, including 10 women on its list of the 100 Most Outstanding Women Financial Advisors. With such an impressive list of achievements, it is no wonder that UBS Group is one of the best wealth management firms in 2020.


While Vanguard is a well-known name, it’s a relatively unknown firm in China. However, the company is expanding rapidly and entering uncharted territory. Some observers believe the company will eventually become a major player in corporate America. While its CEO isn’t a household name, Gerry O’Reilly is the world’s largest fund manager. And he’s only the latest among many recent changes at the firm.

The company has a variety of services to meet the needs of investors and caters to both young and old investors. The company also has an all-digital financial planning tool called the Vanguard Digital Advisor. The Digital Advisor helps younger investors with their investments while giving recommendations on emergency savings and debt management. It also allows users to customize non-retirement savings goals. While Vanguard is a good choice, there are a few other options worth considering.

While many robo-advisers are gaining traction in the industry, only a few can truly compete against the likes of Vanguard. With over 65 billion dollars of assets under management in its Personal Advisor Services, it’s hard to imagine any other firm competing with Vanguard. But even with this huge client base, Vanguard is also poised to become one of the top wealth management firms in 2020.

In the United States, Vanguard is the second-largest mutual fund provider and exchange-traded funds. Eight of the top 10 asset management companies are U.S.-based. These firms account for more than $40 trillion of AUM. Vanguard is the second largest investment company in the world, second only to BlackRock and Fidelity. The company’s mission is to treat all investors fairly. It boasts over 17,000 employees and $6.9 billion in revenues. Vanguard offers brokerage services, variable and fixed annuities, asset management, and trust services.

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services has added over $7 billion in AUM over the last year. This is more than double the size of Vanguard Asset Management Services. The company has added $2.3 billion through its new Intelligent Portfolios solution, while Schwab Private Client has grown to $64 billion. With its scale, Vanguard is poised to become the best wealth management firm in 2020. The company’s growth is fueled by the growth of its retail business.