Are You in the Market For a Money Management Company?

If you’re in the market for a money management company, you’ve likely heard of OM Asset Management. But do you know much about these companies? Read on to learn more about these financial services providers. If you’re in the market for a money management company, you should know a few things before you hire them. You can also consider a company like Fiduciary Management. However, it’s important to remember that these services aren’t the same. If you’re unsure of whether a company is good or not, here are some tips to help you decide.

Fiduciary Management

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fiduciary Management, Inc. offers financial advisory services to both institutional and individual clients. It earns all its revenue from advisory fees, although it may also make money from insurance commissions. The firm was established in 1980 and currently manages $16 billion in AUM. Its staff includes certified public accountants and chartered financial analysts. Fiduciary’s client base is diverse, including individuals, corporations, charitable organizations, and government entities. The company has no minimum investment requirement and offers four distinct investment strategies to its clients.

The company has a long history of offering fiduciary services, which is a benefit for both the client and the trustee. Although some companies still offer advisory-only services, many have expanded to include fiduciary services as well. Many now offer delegated chief investment officers or a fully comprehensive solution. To learn more, visit The Fiduciary Management Group. Its website has extensive information about fiduciary management and how it benefits clients.

Whether you are seeking a full service wealth advisory firm or a boutique advisor, Fiduciary Management Group offers objective financial advice and unbiased, trustworthy business advice. The firm was established to meet the unique financial needs of wealthy individuals and families. Its comprehensive services include Strategic Planning, Investment Advice, and Wealth Advisory. With more than 50 years of experience, Fiduciary Management Group is the firm of choice for a wide range of clients, including institutions and high-net-worth families.

Fiduciary management is an increasingly popular way to oversee asset management. By delegating investment decisions to a third party, asset owners can increase the efficiency of implementation and have a dedicated investment resource. Fiduciary managers offer a range of delegating approaches that are tailored to the needs and goals of the investment decision-makers. Fiduciary managers can provide all of these services, or a mix of both.

American Money Management

The American Money Management Corporation is a Cincinnati, OH-based financial services firm. The company is a member of the Insurance Carriers industry and has 38 employees. It generates $9.76 million in annual sales. American Money Management is part of a network of 315 corporate family firms. To get in touch with this company, use D&B Hoovers, an online directory backed by Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud.

The company provides investment management, counsel, and retirement planning services to its clients. The firm manages the assets of individuals, corporations, and trusts. Founded in 1999, the company has offices throughout the US. It is listed as a member of the PitchBook Platform. This listing may be inaccurate. The firm does not have a website, though. If you are considering hiring American Money Management, make sure to read through it thoroughly before making a decision.

The American Money Management Corporation invests in pooled investment vehicles. These accounts account for 28% of the firm’s AUM, and state and local bonds comprise 14% of the company’s total invested assets. Other assets account for the remainder. The firm generates revenue through several different revenue streams, including fees charged as a percentage of AUM, fixed fees, and performance-based fees. These fees are independent of brokerage commissions, interest, and taxes.

River City Money Management

Whether you need a small business loan or a large mortgage, River City Money Management has the financial services and products to meet your needs. The bank’s services range from consumer loans to commercial real estate and mortgages to letters of credit and revolving and non-revolving lines of credit. Customers can also take advantage of cash management services like e-statements, bill pay, positive pay, and online wire transfer.

The company is headquartered in Sacramento, California and operates through nine branch locations throughout El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties. Founded in 1973, River City Bank is headquartered in Sacramento, CA. Founded in 1973, the company employs 1 person at its Sacramento, CA location. Interested in learning more about River City Money Management? Get the free D&B Hoovers report today. Once you’ve completed the free D&B Hoovers report, you’ll be able to prioritize the companies with the most promising prospects.