Three Reasons You Should Consider Goddard Financial Planning

goddard financial planning

If you live in Washington State, you may have heard of Goddard Financial Planning. They are fee-only financial planners, but have you considered them? Not only do they help post-graduate professionals save for retirement, they also assist with estate planning. Let’s find out more about Goddard Financial Planning’s services. Here are three reasons you should consider them:

Goddard Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planner

Unlike other fee-only financial planners, who make commissions on the sale of specific financial products, Nancy Dienes at Goddard Financial Planning only receives compensation from you for the advice and ongoing management of your assets. This compensation structure allows Goddard to put your best interests above their own. The fee-only structure has numerous advantages, including transparency, minimal conflicts of interest, and a fiduciary standard. Fee-Only planners are required to follow these guidelines.

Fee-only financial planners collect fees from their clients in the form of a percentage of the assets they manage. The fees are the only way for them to keep their costs low and ensure that their advice is in your best interest. Unlike financial planners who work for commissions, fee-only planners are held to strict fiduciary standards and must act solely in your best interests.

It offers estate planning

Goddard Financial Planning is a small, Seattle-based financial advisory firm with a staff of seven, five of which are financial advisors. Goddard is not a broker-dealer, so they must go through a broker-dealer firm to buy securities, or exchangable fiscal assets. The firm invests roughly 23000000 of its client’s funds in stocks, bonds, and other investments.

In addition to estate planning, Goddard Financial Planning also offers insurance and investment management services. Their experts can help you choose the right policies and investments to achieve your long-term financial goals. In addition to providing a plan, they will also help you select the right insurance and investment products, based on your risk tolerance and needs. If you have a lot of money to invest, a financial planner may be a good choice.

Estate planning is a vital part of long-term and comprehensive financial planning, particularly for high-net-worth individuals. It can help you transfer your wealth to your loved ones while still enjoying life in the here-and-now. Fortunately, there are many tax-effective ways to make sure that your loved ones get your money, so you can enjoy your life now. A goddard financial planning expert can help you navigate the complex world of estate planning.

It helps post graduate professionals plan for retirement

The Goddard financial planning group provides comprehensive financial planning for individuals and businesses. Their services help clients achieve their present values and retirement goals. Their extensive expertise in wealth management and financial planning includes medical aesthetic practices. Their financial advisors can help medical aesthetic practices launch, grow, and improve their operations. Their financial planning consultants have contributed to numerous research articles, industry publications, and training materials. They have helped clients achieve their retirement goals by focusing on investment portfolios and corporate retirement plans.

The firm’s unique approach and transparent pricing philosophy are key to establishing a strong client base. The company also provides financial grant applications to post-graduate professionals who are in need of emergency funds. Goddard College is a private institution that utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. In addition to offering financial planning services, Goddard also provides emergency financial grants to students. Financial planning is an integral part of a person’s life and Goddard focuses on helping clients prepare for retirement in all stages of life. The financial planning team is made up of members from Goddard College, Elite Financial Planning Consultants, LLC, and Pegasus Financial Planning, LLC.